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Apartments are very sought after these days. With a great number of people moving to Oregon, new construction is going up quite often. Managers take pride in the overall appearance of their apartment complexes and Oregon Window Cleaning takes pride in how absolutely satisfied managers and tenants are with our work. I want to add that we clean a whole lot of Gutters for many of the apartment complexes around Oregon. 

Yet when it comes to windows we use 2 systems to clean your windows. One consists of a filtration system that removes minerals out of the water so that your windows never suffer from hard water spotting. Overtime hard water spotting can ruin windows and initially obstructs light and view. While appearance means the world to both of us, we cover you also in the long run. We also use an industry standard product named gleam 3 to squeegee your windows. This product coupled with our professional use of a squeegee will provide a shining clear window. We are very affordable and realize a great deal with great service is what you want. Call us today for a free estimate of your exterior windows.

Also as a separate service to your tenants, we offer a low cost interior window cleaning of their apartment. Once a year or twice a year, really whatever they prefer. Typically the tenant themselves pays for this. Contact us today for more info.

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